Webservices SoapUI Course Syllabus

Webservices SoapUI Course Syllabus:


  • What is a web service
  • Why do we user web service
  • What is XML
  • Famous protocol used in webservice
  • What is WSDL
  • How SOAP UI help us
  • How one should use SOAP UI
  • Feature of webservices


  • SOAP Protocol
  • Implementing web service with SOAP
  • Counting total open browser
  • SOAP request/response and HTTPS request
  • What is WSDL and how it represent webservice
  • Importing WSDL in SOAP UI project
  • Interface and Web services
  • Counting rows in a web table
  • Name space concept
  • Creating test Suites and test cases
  • Sending response manually and reading response
  • Reading SOAP UI logs, error logs, memory logs and other logs
  • Single and multi endpoints
  • Executing in different level in SOAP UI


  • What is Assertion
  • Validating Response
  • Xpath in XML
  • Xpath Assertion
  • XPath functions
  • Regular expression in Xpath
  • Xquery Assertion
  • SLA assertion
  • Best way to use assertion
  • Script Assertion
  • XML Validation
  • SoapUI- Functional testing
  • Test Execution and Debugging
  • Service Mocking
  • Working with Mock Services
  • SOAP UI – properties and plugin
  • Working with properties
  • Groovy Scripting
  • Simple Data type
  • Data driven frame work