Create data driven framework in selenium webdriver

Data driven framework in selenium webdriver

this framework depends on data and data source can be anything like Excel file,CSV File, database.

In data driven framework script will be separated from Data part, it means so if any changes happen we do not have to modify cases.

Example -

I have to create 40 Gmail accounts so I have two approaches to do this
First- I can create 40 scripts and run them.
Second- I can keep all data separate in the file and changes the data only that is required for script and script will be only one. In future, any changes in my application then I have to modify my one script only not fifty

In simple words when we have to execute same script, multiple sets of data we will adopt data driven framework In this post, we are taking data from 2D Array and feeding data into script

Scenario 1 - Open Facebook and type username and password and login

this test case should run 2 times with different set of data(data we have provided in the 2D array)

Lest Implement the same

Data driven framework in selenium webdriver using Excel files In above post, we have seen data driven using 2D array but once your test data will increase then you have to switch to Excel or CSV or Database.

Create some test data in Excel that we will pass to the script. For demo purpose, I have to take username and password in Excel.